Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Time in the Lakes Area

Spring time in Minnesota is _________? How would you finish that sentence? Can it be finished with just one word? Probably not.

From a real estate prospective, spring is a time to get things ready, regardless of whether or not you are selling or buying anything. If you own a home, spring is a time to get ready for the summer. As soon as the snow is gone, we Minnesotan’s want to rake the leaves, trim the shrubs, stain the deck, put in the dock, drag the beach, etc. In other words, you want to bring your property back to life after enduring a long hard winter.

Spring is a time of mass awakening. The fishing opener is just around the corner, and that couldn't happen without spring. The lakes are waking up again, as Mother Nature finally allows old man winter to take a hike for a while. This is being written on a blustery rainy spring day. A day that is despised by most of us, but a day like today IS spring. Without a day like today, the ice on the lakes would stay longer, the fish would remain sluggish longer, and fishy love would be delayed making the fishing opener much less productive than it should be. So because of days like today, we should be able to fish for Walleye’s on May 10th without having to worry about ice bergs.

Spring is a time of anticipation. In our beautiful lakes areas of Nisswa, Crosslake, Longville, and Alexandria, a lot happens in the summer, so spring can’t come and go fast enough for a lot of us. We are looking forward to hitting the golf courses, dropping the boat on to our favorite fishing hole, watching the turtles race, sitting on the beach, watching the fireworks and listening to great bands entertain us outside under the stars.

Yes, spring is all of that and more, and even though we look forward to spring every year, we can hardly wait until it’s over. So maybe the answer to the question is, “spring time in Minnesota is Mother Nature’s ultimate tease.” Happy waiting everyone, and remember, RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty is here to help you with all of your real estate needs!

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