Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fishing Leagues

There are several fishing leagues in the area, and given that the fishing opener was last weekend, most of them have their first events this week. There are leagues of all shapes and sizes, with some just fishing for Bass, some just Walleye, and some just Northern Pike or Muskies. Then there are the multi-species leagues that fish for all of the above and more. Even though these leagues are a competition among the participants, the real reason these leagues exist, is to build friendships while enjoying our beautiful Minnesota lakes.

I happen to be in a league called "Fish It, Live It", and our first event is tonight on Pelican Lake. We are a two person per boat, multi-species league that encourages catch and release, sharing of information, and having fun. The group of guys I fish with use every other Thursday night as an excuse to get out on the water. If it wasn't for the ten events this league holds every year, most of us would just sit home on a Thursday night, and miss out on a wonderful night of trying to catch the fish of a lifetime, while securing bragging rights as the best team of the night.

So, if you're in a league, good luck. If you're not, get out on the water anyway. Your time on earth is short, and you need to fish your butt off every chance your get!

Contributed by Brad Wallace, Marketing Director for RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty.

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Nice fish!!