Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crosslake Outdoor Music Series

The Crosslake Outdoor Music Series in the Town Square, welcomes "Daybreak", a band you may have enjoyed while having dinner at Bar Harbor on Gull Lake. This local trio of talent plays jazz standards and classic pop music. The show starts at 7 pm.

Longville Turtle Race

The Longville Turtle Race is about to begin. The racing starts at 1:00 so you better hurry! This weekend, don't forget to check out the Turtle Town Art Fair and the Book and Bake Sale. Both events start at 9:00 am on Saturday. Check out the links for more details.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Whitefish Chain Antique & Classic Wood Boat Rendezvous ~ June 21, 2014

Tomorrow, June 21, 2014 is the annual Whitefish Chain Antique & Classic Wood Boat Rendezvous. This tradition started out 27 years ago, as a simple gathering of 12 or less owners/skippers who share a love for these antique and classic boats. Over the years this gathering of boat lovers has grown to become a special community event in this little Minnesota town of Crosslake. In 2013 there were over 70 skippers sharing their beautiful boats with the public. Approximately 12,000 viewers attended. Some of the country’s most affluent wood boat collectors make their home here in the lakes area, and bring out some amazing boats every year. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into these works of art is enough to leave you in awe! Me thinks the festivities kick off around noon with a parade of boats in the afternoon, but this writer doesn't know the exact times, and can't find them anywhere on their website. Just look for a lot of wood boats at Moonlite Bay tomorrow...they're hard to miss, and very, very, cool.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Elvis Sighting in Crosslake!

This coming Saturday, June 21st, the 2014 Crosslake Music Series kicks off the season with the Memories of Elvis Show by Chris Olson. Chris is one of the best 'Elvis guys' you'll ever see, so grab a lawn chair, and enjoy this free concert at the Crosslake Town Square. Show time starts at 7:00 PM.

Every Saturday night through Labor Day weekend, there is a different band playing in Crosslake, so check back here each week for an update on who will gracing the Gazebo stage.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Going's On in Longville, Minnesota this Weekend

There are a several things going on in the Longville, Minnesota area this weekend, so be sure to join in on some of the fun!

The Longville fire department will have their annual pork sandwich fundraiser. One of our agents, Jason Pinski, is on the fire department, so say hi to Jason as he’s handing out food on Saturday starting at 11:00 am on the City Docks. 

The Lighthouse EFCA Church in Hackensack (South of Mark's Market Downtown) is Celebrating their 10 year anniversary this week. Stop in all week long from 11-1 for goodies and tour of the new building. On Saturday from 4-6 pm, there is a free BBQ, and free Celebration concert from 6-7:30pm.

A classic car show sponsored by the Turtle Town Cruisers will take place downtown from 9:00 until 3:00 on Saturday.

Also on Saturday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm, there is a Arts/Crafts/Outdoor Music Show, sponsored by the Longville Arts Alliance at the Historical Building in downtown Longville. For more information, contact Pat Boen (a RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty Agent) at 218-838-4202.

Moondance Jammin Country Fest is this Friday and Saturday in Walker. For a full lineup of great country stars, click HERE.
Submitted by Jason Pinski, and Dan Pfugshaupt, Real Estate professionals at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty in Longville, Minnesota. Photo submitted by Jason Pinski.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Matt's Big Fish Story!

We've had some requests for the story behind Matt's big Northern Pike he caught on Lake of the Woods earlier this month. Here is his story in his own words:

June 1 2014. It was time again to head up to one of the best lakes in North America to fish…Lake of the Woods. It had been 5 years since I have been back up to this beautiful and bountiful lake for catching a lot of Walleye, Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Perch, you name it this lake has it all. With Beth my wife, Barb Hansen and myself. (We meet Dick, Barbs husband up there) We traveled the 7 hour car ride with a lunch stop and ended up at one of the Totem Resorts. The weather was 80 F light breeze and low humidity, just the way I like it. While getting checked in, our bags and gear were being packed on a good sized boat for the 1 hour ride to the Wiley Point Outpost. Don’t let that fool you though, Wiley Point is a 5 star first class resort that has everything anyone could possibly need. Upon arrival our bags were brought to the rooms and we were given the tour of the resort and Lodge. The time was around 5 pm, still warm. Everybody wanted to sit outside in the sun, bag some rays, relax and have a drink. I’m not great at sitting in the hot sun, so I decided to go down to the docks and see where the best place was to start casting for some fish, the dock hand said right where I was is the place to cast, up and down the whole length of the dock. I was using a ¼ounce green jig with a minnow 6lb test line and no leader (after all I was going for walleyes) During the hour of fishing I caught 4 nice eater walleyes and it was getting ready to go get some dinner, then the magic cast, WAP, THUD, fish on, and this was no walleye!!! I played this bugger for about 20 minutes taking line out about 8 solid times before we could get it into the net. When she surfaced and we had her in our grasps, I could not believe how pretty this pike was, not a blemish on her, pretty red fins, and markings that were gorgeous. After taking measurements and weight, 42 inches long, 25 pounds, I gently put her back into Lake of the Woods for another lucky angler to catch some day. It was a total thrill and made my whole experience a lifetime remembrance. Here are a few more pictures of this giant fish.

Submitted by Matt Werneke, a Real Estate professional at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty in Crosslake, Minnesota.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Latest Fishing Report

Round Lake: Bass fishing was good on docks and shallow weed beds, with small pike and walleye going okay in 12-14 feet of water.

Edward Lake: There was still some bass on beds, but most of the bass and small pike, were coming from 8-10 feet of cabbage. Good walleye bite. 12-15 feet trolling raps and live bait: shiners and leeches.

Lions Whitefish Chain Tournament: With lots of rain and cool temps, the water temp ranged from 65 to 72 degrees. Fishing was a little tough, with most bass coming from 10-12 feet. The Romine/Goss team only had 10 pounds of bass, which seemed to be pretty average. Best bag of bass was 16 pounds. Northern Pike were going good, but lots and lots under the 20inch minimum weigh in rule. 3 of the biggest Pike weighed, averaged over 10 pounds. Most of the pike came from the 12-14 cabbage. Walleyes weren't allowed to be weighed in this year, but we sure heard stories of some nice ones caught by quite a few teams.

The Romine/Goss team had a nice pike, and ended up placing third this year. Nice job guys! Check out the video below.

The fish are also biting north of the border. Matt Werneke caught and released this 42 inch 25 pound pike using 6 test line with a jig and minnow, no leader. It took Matt 25 minutes to get it in the net, and it took line out about 8 times before landing it. He caught it off the dock at Wiley Point Lodge on Lake of the Woods. Not a bad fish, eh?

Fishing report supplied by Jill Macnamara, a Real Estate professional at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty. Jill also supplied the video of her son during the weigh in at the Whitefish Chain Lions Tournament this past weekend.

The photo of the Pike from Lake of the Woods was supplied by Matt Werneke, a Real Estate professional at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Report from Longville Turtle Race Number Two

The second 2014 Longville Turtle race of the season met with lots of rain, but still happy, smiling faces from the turtle racers!!! We had 120 racers, so with mom, dad, grandma and grandpa, that means about 400-500 folks came out in the rain to race!! The event has a carnival atmosphere, with music and games and food served right on the main street, which blocks off thru traffic from 12:30-4:00 every Wednesday from June through August for the Turtle Races!!

Our announcer this year, who can be seen up top on the "Turtlemobile" is a local talent, going to St Scholastica College, who wants to be a GAME SHOW HOST...this is the perfect summer job for him...and he is really good at it. You need to stop by and give a listen..he is a natural !!

Longville is hopping during the Summer...just ask anyone...they cannot believe that a small town like this can put on so many events. The Turtle races are every Wednesday, but there are countless other events each week throughout the summer. Visit our RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty website, for all the news. Come up and see us sometime!

Contributed by Pat Boen, a Real Estate professional at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty in Longville.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Best Blueberry Rhubarb Freezer Jam Recipe EVER!

Blueberry Rhubarb Freezer Jam Recipe

5 cups of rhubarb
6 ounce box of raspberry Jell-O
4 cups of sugar
1 cup water
1 cup blueberry pie filling - a little more is okay

Cut up rhubarb and cook in 1 cup of water until barely tender. Add sugar and cook a few minutes longer, stirring constantly. Add pie filling and cook 5-8 minutes longer. Take off heat and add Jell-O, stirring constantly until dissolved. Pour into jars, cool, cover with lid and freeze.

You can make this blueberry rhubarb recipe, substituting the pie filling and Jell-O, with any other fruit. Keeps in the freezer for a couple of years, but it’s too good to last that long!

Shown in picture: blueberry rhubarb, strawberry rhubarb and apricot rhubarb.
Submitted by Jill Macnamara, a Real Estate professional at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty. This recipe is from Jeannie F. a member of the Crosslake Garden Club.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Turtle Races in Longville on Wednesday's!

Longville has started another season of the famous Turtle Races! Every Wednesday throughout the summer this little town pulls together and puts on the big show! Hosted by a bunch of great volunteers. The event features the turtle races, but also Hoola Hoop contests, dancing contests and street vendors with food. They start at 1:00 and usually last until 3:00 or 3:30, and awards are given for the fastest turtle as well as the last place turtle. Winners get to do a final race, and that winner is featured in the local newspaper the Pine Cone Press-Citizen. Surprisingly fun for all ages, stop by and create your newest memory! Oh by the way, if you are new to Longville MN, you will fall in love, so you may as well contact the agents at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty, and see how you can start calling Longville your home town!

Contributed by Sean McDonald a Real Estate professional at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty in Longville, MN.
Photo courtesy of the Pine Cone Press-Citizen
Photo courtesy of Sean McDonald

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fishing Report form the Past Week

Rod Romine, a local fishing guru, has agreed to give us a fishing report when he feels it won't hurt his chances in an upcoming tournament. :-) We're lucky to have Rod share his expertise with us, so here goes. This past Tuesday the 3rd of June, Rod and his buddies were fishing on Pelican. The bass were biting good shallow...reed-rock combination on a jig and craw. Northern pike were hitting good in 12 feet of water on jerk baits, but no one could scare up a walleye. I happen to know first hand that Walleyes are biting on Leech in 6 to 12 feet of water, because I was there last weekend catching them on everything from jigs, to Lindy's to slow death roll rigs, and even trolling crank baits. With the relaxed slot on Leech this year, it was fun catching some eaters.

So check back here often for local fishing reports. We hope to have these pages full of them, and for your Real Estate needs, be sure to contact RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty!

Contributed by Rod Romine and Brad Wallace with some arm twisting by Jill Macnamara, a real estate professional at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty in Nisswa, Minnesota.

7th Annual Cherry Car Show in Pequot Lakes Tomorrow!

Located in Pequot Lakes in beautiful Trailside Park. The very successful and fun Cherry Car Show is entering its 7th year and you want to be part of it! Early registration is recommended to get the best spot — first come, first serve.

The City of Pequot Lakes is the located in the center of the Brainerd Lakes area where fun is easy to find. A large craft fair is happening on the same day so there will be something for everyone! 

While in Pequot Lakes, give the agents at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty a call and find out just how easy it is to find your dream home in the lakes area!

2014 Nisswa Stamman Scandinavian Festival This Weekend!

This weekend in Nisswa, the 2014 Stamman Scandinavian Festival will be the place to be. This is a music festival like none other in the state, so come enjoy the music! For more information regarding the festival, CLICK HERE, and for all of your Real Estate needs, contact RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty.

27th Annual Chamber Golf Tourney in Alexandria

June 26th is the date for the 27th annual Chamber Golf Tournament in Alexandria this year. For more information, or to register for this event, CLICK HERE. And for the best Real Estate Agents in the entire Alexandria area, contact RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty's Alexandria office!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Turtles...Start Your Engines!

A summer tradition has returned to the lakes area. The cities of Nisswa and Longville started their very popular Turtle Racing on June 4th! As the summer grows, more and more people will attend these fun filled family events, hoping their turtle will cross the finish line first. If you haven’t attended one of these races, put it on your calendar and plan to attend. Both cities start their turtle engines at 1:00 PM each Wednesday. For more information regarding the Nisswa Turtle Races, click HERE. For more information regarding the Longville Turtle Races, click HERE