Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Matt's Big Fish Story!

We've had some requests for the story behind Matt's big Northern Pike he caught on Lake of the Woods earlier this month. Here is his story in his own words:

June 1 2014. It was time again to head up to one of the best lakes in North America to fish…Lake of the Woods. It had been 5 years since I have been back up to this beautiful and bountiful lake for catching a lot of Walleye, Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Perch, you name it this lake has it all. With Beth my wife, Barb Hansen and myself. (We meet Dick, Barbs husband up there) We traveled the 7 hour car ride with a lunch stop and ended up at one of the Totem Resorts. The weather was 80 F light breeze and low humidity, just the way I like it. While getting checked in, our bags and gear were being packed on a good sized boat for the 1 hour ride to the Wiley Point Outpost. Don’t let that fool you though, Wiley Point is a 5 star first class resort that has everything anyone could possibly need. Upon arrival our bags were brought to the rooms and we were given the tour of the resort and Lodge. The time was around 5 pm, still warm. Everybody wanted to sit outside in the sun, bag some rays, relax and have a drink. I’m not great at sitting in the hot sun, so I decided to go down to the docks and see where the best place was to start casting for some fish, the dock hand said right where I was is the place to cast, up and down the whole length of the dock. I was using a ¼ounce green jig with a minnow 6lb test line and no leader (after all I was going for walleyes) During the hour of fishing I caught 4 nice eater walleyes and it was getting ready to go get some dinner, then the magic cast, WAP, THUD, fish on, and this was no walleye!!! I played this bugger for about 20 minutes taking line out about 8 solid times before we could get it into the net. When she surfaced and we had her in our grasps, I could not believe how pretty this pike was, not a blemish on her, pretty red fins, and markings that were gorgeous. After taking measurements and weight, 42 inches long, 25 pounds, I gently put her back into Lake of the Woods for another lucky angler to catch some day. It was a total thrill and made my whole experience a lifetime remembrance. Here are a few more pictures of this giant fish.

Submitted by Matt Werneke, a Real Estate professional at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty in Crosslake, Minnesota.

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Anonymous said...

Great story and pictures to prove it. Thanks Matt.