Friday, July 11, 2014

Lakes Area Latest

Lakes Area Latest...what a great name for a blog, and it was named by one of our agents, Sean McDonald in Longville. When we started writing this, three short months ago, we set out to bring you, the reader, information we thought you'd like to know. Armed with this information, we hoped you would be able to plan your week or weekend ahead, by getting a sense of what is happening in Brainerd, Nisswa, Crosslake, Longville or Alexandria, because there is always something going on that would interest a wide variety of people. We also hoped that you would share this blog and the information in it with your friends and neighbors. Some of you are doing just that, but it would be nice if a LOT more people would do so, so please ask everyone that is interested in knowing what they can do this weekend, to read this past Wednesday's post. Or better yet, Tweet it, or share it on Facebook or Pinterest, or just plain email it to your friends or even clients.

If you are a regular reader of someone's blog, you already know that you can make comments after every post. We would LOVE to see comments and especially suggestions on what else you'd like to know about, or if we missed something that is going on this weekend, put that in the comment section as well for everyone to see. Blogs are a great way to communicate to the masses by only having to write something once, so let everyone know of this best kept secret of a blog that will keep you up to date on the great things you can do this week, and the next, and the week after that, etc, etc, etc.

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