Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Longville Lions Corn Feed~Longville Fly-In Breakfast~Longville Turtle Races

Longville News, August 2014

Everyone asks it…how Longville, Minnesota, a town this small can put on sooooo many events!!! It is true….during the Season there is something going on every week…besides the incredible Turtle Races…for which we are renowned.

So, this week, Saturday, the Lions will have their annual Corn Feed with polish….We will probably serve about 300 loyal Longville natives and visitors. Our Lions wagon sits in the parking lot of the Docksider, the municipal watering hole…that has a brand new outside deck…complete with umbrella tables…for dining!! So, Lions patrons will get their meal, providing funds to be given back to the local community…and stroll to the deck where they can relax and enjoy the view of the city docks and folks boating into town! So picturesque…

Sunday, the Longville Chamber, along with a committed supply of local volunteers and the Airport Flyers, folks who own hangers and have planes at the airport, will put on a pancake breakfast and serve 1200 customers with an endless supply of pancakes, sausages, juice and coffee!!!  The breakfast is held in one of the hangers and it feels like a “barn raising” of old…a huge outpouring of the community all coming together. The volunteer fire department, a beneficiary of the event, will have their “rigs” there for everyone to climb on and check out. Our ambulance service will be there to meet and greet.  Two young local musicians…with tremendous voices and guitar playing ability, will be there to entertain. There will be a display of classic cars and a train exhibit. Planes will be flying in from around the area and plane rides are offered.

And, of course, Wednesday the Turtles will be running. We have had about 350 entrees each week, so along with the 2-3 plus folks who accompany each entrant…that means we will host about 1000 folks on Main Street. And, they will have a ball!!!

Photo supplied by Sean McDonald, Realtor, RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty, Longville

Blog post contributed by Pat Boen, Realtor, RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty, Longville, Minnesota.

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