Saturday, August 9, 2014

50 Pound Muskie Found on Mille Lacs

The measurements of the muskie found floating on Mille Lacs Lake would make any angler drool. Dan Perron, a former conservation officer for the Department of Natural Resources office in Onamia (2004-2011), spotted a 58 1/2-inch muskie, with a girth of over 25 inches, dead on July 20. It still weighed over 50 pounds when Perron brought it ashore.

Out walleye fishing with his wife, Paula, Perron spotted the fish while cruising from one fishing spot to another. Fifty yards one way or another, Perron said, and he would have missed it. “We were just past 4-mile,” said Perron. “The wind was out of the south, blowing the fish out into the lake.” The eyes and gills were still intact, leading Perron to believe the fish hadn’t been dead long. “The teeth were ground all the way down,” said Perron. “And some of the skin was a bit flabby. It likely died of old age.”
The former conservation officer and Navy man had to make a decision as to what to do with the muskie. “For being in that lake that long, not being caught, it deserved to be back out there,” said Perron, who said he blew his boat’s horn and saluted the fish as it floated away from his boat. A proper burial. The fish of a lifetime – Perron said at one time it was no doubt a state record – had a head on it nine inches across. “It was humongous,” stated Perron. After seeing the monster, Perron believes there’s likely another one just like it – alive and swimming in Mille Lacs – because of the amount of forage and the sheer size of the lake and areas which aren’t fished.
So, for now, the state record muskie still stands at 54 pounds. That fish was 56 inches in length and had a 27.25-inch girth. It was caught on Lake Winnibigoshish in 1957.

Dan Perron/muskie

Dead on arrival
This 58.5 inch muskie was found floating on Mille Lacs Lake by Dan Perron, a former conservation officer for Mille Lacs Lake.
Submitted photo.
Article courtesy of Mille Lacs Messenger.

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