Friday, August 1, 2014

Latest Fishing Report and Tactics

Bass are a little deeper in the summer and oriented to available cover, especially weeds.  Focus on shallow/mid-depth flats adjacent to drop-offs or gradually sloping points with weed cover.  The deep weedline can be especially productive this time of year, especially if larger predators are not present in high numbers. Cast jigs, plastic worms/grubs/tubes rigged Texas or Carolina style, or mid/deep diving crankbaits over top or along weeds or into weed pockets. Later in the day top water chuggers may be the way to go.

For Muskie, try a faster retrieve to cover more water.  Larger lures may be more productive such as large bucktails, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, crankbaits, and soft plastics. Areas to target include weedlines, weedy/rocky points and inside bends, drop-offs, and weedy flats adjacent to drop-offs.  Diving style jerkbaits are very good for covering weedy flats as they can be steered around weed clumps and driven down into open pockets.  Spinnerbaits and weedless spoons are good options for the thickest weeds.

Focus on main-lake areas because larger Northern Pike will move to deeper, more sharply sloped structural elements such as points to find cooler water while smaller pike will remain near shallower weeds and the deep weedline.  Larger baits/lures can be used in summer.  Work larger spinnerbaits, spoons, jerkbaits, and bucktails over/along/through weed beds and weedlines.  Casting jigs tipped with larger minnows, deep diving crankbaits, or weighted swimbaits can be effective for deeper fish.  Trolling crankbaits can also be effective. A faster presentation should be used during the summer.

During summer, Walleye will move out to deeper water in the main-lake area or near tributary inlets.  Fish at or above the thermocline, Cast jigs (tipped with a nightcrawler or leech) or a slip-bobber rig with nightcrawler or leech to specific targets such as clumps of weeds, weedlines, rocky points/humps, and ledges. Open water trolling may also be effective this time of year, so if you are marking fish between 15 and 30 feet in 100 feet of water, troll a crankbait at that depth.

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