Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hey Lucy...Learn How to Really Stomp Grapes!

For those of us old enough who saw Lucy Ricardo stomping the heck out of those grapes in a classic scene from "I Love Lucy", you'll remember things didn't go real well. If you would like to see that classic scene again, or for those of you too young to even know who Lucy is, click HERE. Lucy could have learned a thing or two if she would have only gone to the Carlos Creek Winery Annual Grape Stomp, in Alexandria, Minnesota this weekend! There are many wine related activities, plus music, a lumberjack show, and even a re-enactment contest of that classic scene taking place at the wine stomp starting this Friday at noon, through Sunday at 4:00. For a downloadable copy of the event schedule, click HERE.

While you're in town, stop by our RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty office located at 217 N Nokomis, or call 320-762-5544 and talk to one of our agents about the real estate market...Arrivederci!

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