Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Don't Do It!

It's that time of year when a few of our clients are thinking of taking their property off the market until Spring, by either letting their listing expire, putting it on hold, or cancelling all together. I personally feel, that if a property is not listed as available for sale on our great RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty website (, and it’s not being marketed through our vast syndication system, (Zillow, Truila,,, etc) or the Multiple Listing Service, (MLS) you could lose that one person that will show great interest in your property. Most people tend to have a little more “free time” during the winter months to search online, and in this day and age of the internet, that is where close to 90% of the searches begin. You also need to remember that we are a four season recreational area now, and we don't see near the drop off in people during the winter months as we used to. So, think long and hard and talk to your agent before you take your home off the market…this time of year and all through the winter, the real estate market is a lot hotter than you think!

Contributed by Colleen Murray a Real Estate professional at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty in Crosslake. Call our office at 218-692-9938 and talk to Colleen about your Real Estate needs. You may also email Colleen at  for more information.

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Anonymous said...

Nice commentary Coleen. So true, if you want to sell your home, it only takes one buyer. And they are looking 6 months before they purchase.