Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't Waste the Extra Hour

Daylight Savings Time is upon us this weekend, as we turn back our clocks one hour in the middle of the night on Sunday. Most of us will turn back our clocks as we go to bed, and sleep the extra hour we’ve been given back that was taken away this spring. Sounds like the right and sensible thing to do…after all, sleep is important and when an hour is taken away, we spend the rest of the day being tired.

I don’t have a set waking time every day, but I’m thinking I need to change that. For those of you who do have a set waking time, you may want to consider what I’m about to propose, which is this; instead of wasting that hour sleeping (the effects of losing an hour in the spring have long worn off), use it during your waking hours. In my head, here is how it would work. Let’s say you have your alarm set for 7:00 AM. On Sunday morning, instead of leaving it set at 7:00, back that up to 6:00. As long as you maintain that, from Sunday, November 2nd, until March 8th, 2015, you will have an extra 60 glorious minutes to do whatever you want. Here are some ideas I have for that extra 60 minutes:
  • Write a blog article about being awake when the rest of the world is sleeping.
  • Catch up reading the stack of “Field and Stream” magazines that I subscribed too and haven’t had a chance to read.
  • Start an exercise routine for the first time in my life.
  • Google myself…since that only took five minutes, Google everyone I work with.
  • Buy Rosetta Stone and learn a foreign language. (this will probably take every extra hour I have, so if I do this, the rest of the list doesn’t mean a thing)
  • Memorize all of the songs I sing in the band so I don’t have to use a teleprompter on stage during a live performance.
  • Call an old friend I haven’t talked to in a long time. Of course I will have to apologize for waking him up so early, so our renewed friendship will naturally get off to a rocky start.
  • Watch the show I recorded the night before and fast forward through all of the extremely annoying political commercials that are on TV right now. (I can hardly wait for the good ‘ole days when all we had to watch was a bunch of annoying pharmaceutical ads instead)
  • Catch up on all of the emails in my inbox, and finally delete the ones I will never read again but had to keep just in case I might.
  • Write some notes to the older folks in my church who are now unable to attend due to health problems. Let them know that I miss them and will try to visit soon. (If this extra hour fell at 2:00 PM instead of 2:00 AM, I could visit them right before they take their afternoon nap.)
  • Write a blog article about going to bed an hour earlier than I usually do, because if I didn’t I’d lose an hour of sleep that I used to get before I started this crazy experiment.
If I do this, I’m sure I will think of other ways to use the extra hour between now and the time we move our clocks ahead, and even though I’ll have to go to bed an hour earlier, or lose an hour of sleep, using that extra hour might be worth it. What would you do with an extra hour of awake time?
Contributed by Brad Wallace, Marketing Director at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty.

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