Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hard Time Saying No

Like so many parents of young children, my wife and I spend a fair amount of energy fending off requests for shoes and electronics. I can’t say that the practice of asking for more has changed much since my childhood, nor will it likely end anytime soon.

I have great kids and not a lot to complain about regarding their desire for more stuff. However, the topic of asking got me thinking of a special part of my relationship with my kids. I’ve realized that a lot of their requests are for my involvement with things that matter to them. A lot of the time, the request is not for some “thing”, but for me to stop what I’m doing and play catch, a board game and occasionally Barbie.

I read an email this morning from the community education office that basketball would be starting for kindergarten through second grade kids. It hadn’t hit me yet , but I smiled when I realized that I’ll have a little girl asking me to commit to coaching her and her friends, just as I have for her older sister and brother before her.

Could a father be more fortunate than to have his children want his involvement in whatever their interests may be? I suppose I’ll battle numerous times in the future when my kids ask for more unnecessary “things”, but at this moment, I’ll gladly await that little tap on the shoulder and a request to coach. Wherever you are at in life, take some time to volunteer or get involved in activities that will give you a renewed sense of experiencing all that we have to pick from. There’s plenty of choices.

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