Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Voted

Our democracy is 238 years old as of this past July 4th, and I have been able to vote for 42 years. I can honestly and very proudly say I have voted in every election I have had the opportunity to vote in. Today, in my little home town of Crosslake, my ballot was the 134th ballot to be counted. What's astonishing to me is, I have participated in almost 18% of the general elections that have ever taken place in this country, with almost 17% of those being Presidential elections...and I'm not that old...or at least I don't consider myself old. My vote matters. Your vote matters. We make history every time we fill out a ballot. I will simply never understand the citizens of this country who don't take the opportunity to voice their opinion at the ballot box. What a shame.

By the way, everyone I've seen at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty today, is wearing one of these stickers.

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