Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Watching the Ice Progress

In the category of “It’s the little things”, I have to say I really enjoy watching the ice make its way across my lake on the Whitefish Chain this time of year. I think part of it is the exotic thought of places that have snow with open water throughout the winter. I’m not even sure where that may be, but it sounds neat. Lake Tahoe maybe?

This morning I let the dog out to avoid her smashing through a window and followed her around to the lake. She had seen the big juvenile eagles fishing along the edge of the ice. They weren’t the only busy birds in the area. I was entertained by the ducks, geese and swans all making a commotion and taking advantage of the last days of open water on the lake. By their numbers and busy work, I assume that everyone was finding a good amount of what they were after.

As much as I know we’ll take advantage of the lake once it’s frozen over and safe, I’m going to enjoy the open water and the visitors that it invites for just a little while longer. What a beautiful time enjoying our lake…
Photo by Brian Larsen on Lower Hay Lake 11/19/14

Photo by Dawn Wiebusch on Gull Lake 11/19/14
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Anonymous said...

What a great post Brian. Really making the best of our wonderful great area of lakes. Matt.