Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Brian's Favorite Memory of Christmas

After we put up the Christmas tree and decorated it with our treasured ornaments, some hand made some not, I tried my best to stay awake until the house was real quiet. When I was assured everyone was fast asleep, I would sneak out of bed and head back downstairs to the living room. It was really dark, but I was on a mission to turn the lights on the tree back on. So; I would carefully make my way over to where the plug went in the wall, and after some fumbling around in the dark, I got the plug into the socket and like a beacon in the night, this magnificent display that was our Christmas tree lit up. For a long while I would stand there in the silence of the night, with only the lights from the tree lighting up the room. Since my mission went off without a hitch, I would make my way over to the couch and fall asleep next to the Christmas tree. To this day, I still love that the only lights in the house that are on, are those from our Christmas tree.
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