Monday, December 15, 2014

You Can't Succeed Coming to the Potluck with Only a Fork

Dave Liniger is the co-founder and soon to be CEO of RE/MAX. One of his most famous quotes is: “You can’t succeed coming to the potluck with only a fork.” In a recent TED talk by Kare Anderson seen HERE, she closed her speech with this quote.

TED describes Ms. Anderson’s talk on YouTube this way: “We all want to use our talents to create something meaningful with our lives. But how to get started? (And ... what if you're shy?) Writer Kare Anderson shares her own story of chronic shyness, and how she opened up her world by helping other people use their own talents and passions.” Kare talks about being “opportunity makers”, and if you have 9 minutes and 43 seconds, I would recommend watching her talk by clicking on the “here” link above. What is interesting and very powerful about social media, is how quick something is picked up and spread around the world. Shortly after Kare Anderson appeared on TED, a lot of people shared Mr. Liniger’s quote through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It even sparked a debate as to what a potluck is, and if the sentence (quote) is correct in its assumption.

Being Minnesotan’s, we all know what a potluck is…we’re all experts on the subject, especially around the holiday season! We also know Mr. Liniger is suggesting, that if you want to be successful in business, and in our case it’s the real estate business, you better not show up to at a potential client’s home hoping to list their property by not providing them with a marketing plan that is innovative, informative, and centered on them. When you contact a real estate agent from RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty wanting to sell your home, rest assured, our agents are the best in the business, and will bring more than a fork to the potluck!

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