Friday, January 9, 2015

If You Trailer a Boat, You MUST Read This!

If you trailer a boat or water-related equipment like docks and lifts in Minnesota, you must take AIS training and get a trailer decal. Beginning in 2015 a new trailer decal requirement is scheduled to start. The new law requires anyone who transports watercraft or water-related equipment like docks and lifts with a trailer in Minnesota to complete an aquatic invasive species training course. After completing the course, you receive a decal that must be displayed on your trailer. Anyone who transports watercraft or water-related equipment with a trailer in Minnesota needs to complete training and display the decal. This includes out of state visitors. Minnesota law states that anyone transporting watercraft or water-related equipment in Minnesota needs to complete training and display the decal on their trailer. You can register for the class and get a temporary pass that gives you 7 days to complete the training. Even if you are just traveling through the state with a boat, and you don't plan on putting your boat in the water, you still need this decal. Really? Yes, really.

One family member is required to take the training and put decals on your trailers, but all of those driving the trailer are responsible for knowing and following aquatic invasive species laws. Additional family members can take the online course at no cost to ensure sure they know the laws. Every three years you need to complete training and get a new trailer decal.

You will be able to re-take the 10 question test either online or have another paper version sent to you to re-take it until you pass. Once you complete the course you can receive extra decals if you own or use multiple trailers for watercraft or water-related equipment.

Costs of online training and paper home-study course are being determined and will be posted as soon as possible. Checks will be accepted for the hard-copy training. Call 651-351-2000 to order. Payment for the e-learning version will be made by credit card via a secured, encrypted webpage.

You can trailer watercraft or water-related equipment as soon as you finish training. You'll get a temporary completion certificate at the end of the training that you keep with you until your decal arrives in the mail. You can only get the decal mailed to you after completing the training course. It is not available for purchase at DNR or Deputy Registrar offices. The decal must be adhered to the side of the trailer frame tongue near the hitch in a manner that is readily visible and does not interfere with the display of any other trailer registration requirements

The online training takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. There are a few optional sections that add a little more time but aren't required to complete the course. For additional information go to:

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