Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Look North for Lots to Do

Longville, Minnesota, has a long rich history of providing year round fun. (or is it year 'around'...I never know if correct english it is) Anyway, back to Longville. You would think the town is HUGE, because there is something going on all the time! When my wife was a wee child growing up in Indiana, she spent many a summer on the shores of Boy Lake. She dreamed of one day owning a home in the twin cities, and a cabin in Longville. Well, she ended up owning a home near Longville, and skipping the twin cities part.

There is a real estate agent by the name of Sean McDonald, and he works in the Longville office of RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty. Sean, along with all of the agents and staff, are proud of their town; rightfully so, and Sean would like you to know about all of the upcoming events throughout the entire year of 2015. Isn't that nice of him? I think it is. Sean has provided you a printable schedule of the upcoming events for the ENTIRE YEAR by clicking HERE. There is also a very active Chamber of Commerce in Longville, so if you would like to read their January Newsletter, click HERE. If you'd like to join in on the fun and you haven't figured out how to contact Sean yet by clicking on the blue hyperlink thingies associated with his name, click HERE to get in touch with him.

Have fun in Longville everyone!