Saturday, February 21, 2015

Do You Give Anything Up?

The Lenten Season is upon us, and for Christian's around the world, it's a special time of reflection and asking forgiveness. One of the traditions of Lent, is to give something up, and even though the title of this blog asks the question, this article isn't about Lent and what people give up, and it's not about's about the fish commercials. Fast food companies around the world know a good thing when they see it, so they take advantage of a good population of people that give up eating meat during Lent...especially on Friday's. Most all of the fast food giants run specials on their fish sandwiches, offering lower prices, two for one's, etc. McDonald's is the king of commercials and especially jingles, and coming up with something during Lent is no exception. Remember Big Mouth Billy Bass? How could you not...he was everywhere. Well, in 2009 McDonald's put together a classic commercial and jingle that is impossible to get out of your head once you hear it. So if you click on the video below, be prepared to sing along with the bass on the wall all day long...enjoy your fish!

McDonald's Commercial from 2009