Friday, February 27, 2015

How Energy Efficient is Your Home?

Do you ever wonder how many dollar bills flow out of your house due to heat escaping from your roof windows and doors every winter? Are high heating bills putting a strain on your wallet? Well Bunky, it may be time for a "home energy efficiency audit". That's audit. Sounds scary, but this audit really helps. For those of us living in beautiful RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty country, Xcel Energy will perform an audit like this for a nominal fee. Xcel offers three kinds of audits; a home walkthrough for $35; a standard audit for $60; and an infrared audit for $100. The inspection of your home includes the attic, insulation, doors, windows, furnace, appliances and other key areas, and identifies your home's energy wasters, such as drafty windows, insufficient insulation, inefficient appliances and poor ventilation. (sounds like my house) There is still time to get it done this winter, because unfortunately, spring looks like it's a long way off. For more information about this service as well as how to contact Xcel Energy, download their brochure by clicking HERE.
Photo courtesy of Xcel Energy

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