Wednesday, February 11, 2015

No Mistaking that Sound

In RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty country, we're used to the sound of raw sharpened steel on asphalt, but it's a sound we haven't heard that much until yesterday and throughout the evening last night. It's impossible to not know that the snowplows are out during their work to clear the roads, bury our mailboxes, and make it next to impossible to get out of our driveways since there is 3 feet of snow piled up at the end of them. If you are one of the lucky ones able to break through that barrier this morning and get your car on the road without blasting through to the other side barely avoiding the ditch, then you'll be on your way to work already accomplishing something others will not be able to do. I respect the snowplow drivers, but as a tax payer, is it too much to ask that they take a little more care when plowing the road in front of our driveways? After all, won't we get in trouble if we take that pile of heavy snow, ice, and road salt you piled up at the end of our driveway and push it back in the street? I actually think there is a law against that, but where else are we supposed to put the stuff that was once on the road that is now on our property...or as government officials are quick to point out that it's in the road right of way....well....then come back and get it. It's in your road right of way, so come and get it. It's all yours. Oh...never mind. We already moved it. Thanks for clearing the roads though. It really is appreciated.

For video of a mailbox getting the best of a snowplow, click HERE. Enjoy the snow Ideal Sno Pros and all you other clubs out there. It's been a long wait this year!