Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Snow Impact

Today's blog is about math and the impact snow has on us. In the RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty hometowns of Alexandria, Crosslake, Longville, Nisswa and all of the surrounding communities, there are well over 100 eating and drinking establishments, but for the sake of easy math, I'm going to use the number 100 plus 4 inches. The 4 inches represent about $15,855,000! Let me explain.

About the minimum amount of snow that is needed to run a snowmobile comfortably and without damage to the sled or trails, is 4 inches. This of course would be better if it was a packed four inches but you have to start somewhere. When we have sufficient snow, there are a lot of people riding their sleds every day and night of the week. Those people need to buy gas, some need a place to stay, and all of them make pit stops, so they'll stop in at one of the 100 eating and drinking establishments I mentioned. I would say a conservative estimate of the number of people that stop and have some refreshments, is 10. 10 people a day on average stopping in and having something to eat or drink. Keeping with easy math, I'm going to say each of those people spend $15 when they stop in. If you don't think that is a feasible number, then throw in gas and lodging, and lets say each person spends $15 a day when riding their sleds. Here is where the money grows: $15 a day for our 100 establishments, equals $15,000 per day; $105,000 per week; and using 151 days out of the season, that equates to $15,855,000 that is pumped into our communities over the course of November through March. No dough. It's as simple as that, so "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" (As I write this, it IS snowing!)
Below is a video about how cool it is to ride a snowmobile in Minnesota!