Friday, February 20, 2015

WCCO Goin' To The Frozen Lake ~ Alexandria

WCCO TV, located in Minneapolis, has a popular series entitled "Goin' to the Lake" in the summer time. Last winter, they decided to expand the series, and send various news anchors and station regulars out in the winter time as well. They came up with a very original name for their winter adventures, entitled "Goin' to the Frozen Lake"! On one of their trips last year, they visited Crosslake, and this year, during this week, they are in Alexandria! This trip, Frank Vascellaro and Chris Shaffer are taking us to places of interest in Alexandria. They started last night, and they'll pack up and leave town after their 10:00 PM newscast this evening. They do a nice job with this series, and they haven't disappointed us on this trip as well. So far, they have talked about Big Ole, standing in front of him doing a live broadcast while setting up their other stories, and they have visited Cowing Robards, the Broadway Bistro, and the Tennessee Roadhouse. (click on each name for the story they did) Frank Vascellaro also tried his hand at grooming ski trails as Chris Shaffer drove the groomer. They'll be around town all day, so if you see them, stop and say hi...they're always looking for different stories to do.
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