Monday, March 9, 2015

Crosslake St. Urho's Day Grasshopper Hop Wrap Up

For your humble Lakes Area Latest blog writer, this past Saturday was one of the funnest, safest, and most hospitable Saturday's I've ever spent in Crosslake. That's saying something, because I've lived here since 1985. If you missed the Fourth Annual St. Urho's Day Grasshopper Hop in Crosslake this past Saturday, I think you should plan on putting it on your calendar for next year. 

My wife and I were part of a group of 6 friends, and we started out our day around 11:30 at a pub called Andy's Bar & Grill, Wine & Spirits (our neighbor at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty in Crosslake.) Each pub in Crosslake had a game set up, and you compete as a team against everyone else's team that is doing the hop. Andy's was our home pub, so we wanted to do well as we attempted to throw wine corks through a grasshopper with a hole in his belly. We each had five shots at the grasshopper, and only one of us got one in...not a good start for our team. So, we each ponied up $10 for a wristband and jumped on the first bus and headed out to our next pub called the Bourbon Room. Four people on our team attempted to get as many ping pong balls to fall out of a tissue box strapped to their back in one minute. There were eight balls in the of our team got 7 to fall out...whoo hoo! On to Manhattan's, were we all threw rings on to wine bottles in an old fashion game of ring toss. The Wharf was next, and they had the same game as the Bourbon Room! (I suggest a short meeting of the minds for next year). At Moonlite Bay we shot nerf darts at a target, Zorbaz was Hammerschlagen, we attempted to sink three billiard balls in four shots at Cedar Chest, tried to pop balloons with a dart at Maucieri's, rolled Croquet balls at a revolving target at the American Legion, and threw bean bags at a target when we were at Riverside before we ended up back at Andy's for some of their GREAT appetizers. (I highly recommend getting the mushrooms...they don't get any better than that)

During the entire day, we were chauffeured from pub to pub with fun and safe drivers on very comfortable and clean vans and busses, welcomed by friendly staff at each stop, and met several people from all over the state that were doing the same thing we were. We may have started out as a group of six, but by the time we got back to Andy's, the pub was full of new friends. That's what small town hospitality is all about, and each of the RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty hometowns will welcome you with open arms. Come visit, talk to one of our Agents in Alexandria, Crosslake, Longville or Nisswa and spend the next 30 years here...just like I did.

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