Friday, October 2, 2015

Whitefish Chain

The Whitefish chain of Lakes is made up of 14 lakes including Upper Whitefish, Lower Whitefish, Arrowhead, Bertha, Big Trout, Clamshell, Cross, Daggett, Rush/Hen, Island, Little Pine, Lower Hay, and Pig Lake. 

Whitefish Lake - The largest in the chain, includes Lower and Upper Whitefish lake.  Great for all your favorite lake activities: fishing, all water sports, and relaxing on the pontoon. 

Arrowhead Lake - Located on the NE side of upper Whitefish Lake. This lake is fairly shallow, only getting 14 ft deep; this means it warms up quick and is great fishing in the spring. 

Bertha Lake- 334 acres, and no direct public access.  This lake can be accessed from Clamshell Lake and Lower Whitefish.  Great lake to catch northern!

Big Trout Lake- Just like it's name this is a great lake to catch lake trout. This lake (at it's deepest) is 129ft deep, you can find good fishing all year long!

Clamshell Lake- One of the smaller lakes on the Whitefish Chain, coming in at 189 acres.  This is a well populated lake, plenty of things to do and fish to catch. 

Cross Lake-  Second largest in the Whitefish Chain, at 1,751 acres and 19.6 miles of beautiful shoreline.  One of the best lakes to fish for Minnesota's favorite fish, walleye!

Dagget Lake- Located on the far north east corner of the chain, Dagget lake is 224 acres and only get 24 ft deep.  This is another great lake for spring pan fishing. 

Rush/Hen Lake- Closest to the city of Crosslake, this lake boasts 347 homes/cabins and 4 resorts.  A great lake to take your family!

Island Lake- A smaller lake that is sandwiched between Rush and Big Trout, and connects to the North East corner of Lower Whitefish.  Great lake to find northern!

Lower Hay- The westernmost lake on the chain and 685 acres, this lake is well populated and is large enough for you to enjoy all your favorite summer boating activities. 

Here is a great map of all the public accesses on the Whitefish Chain. If you are ready to find a place of your own to dock your boat...stop in and see us at RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty!

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